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Jan Fichtner is postdoctoral researcher in the CORPNET project at the University of Amsterdam. He holds a Dr. phil. from the Institute for Political Science at Goethe-University Frankfurt (Germany). His research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of International Political Economy, particularly Global Finance (concentration of corporate ownership and control, structural power, financialization, hedge funds, offshore financial centers). In the CORPNET group Jan focuses on the subproject of the re-concentration of corporate ownership through the rise of very large passive asset managers, such as BlackRock and Vanguard Рand their impact on global corporate governance.

Our CORPNET paper Hidden Power of the Big Three? Passive Index Funds, Re-Concentration of Corporate Ownership, and New Financial Risk (published in Business and Politics) has been featured by Bloomberg “BlackRock Takes on Ivory Tower Over Stock-Ownership Research“, Bloomberg Markets Magazine “We’re in the Middle of a Revolution“, The Economist “Stealth socialism“, the Financieele Dagblad “Warren Buffett betoont zich een ware indexbelegger“, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (1) “Die unheimliche Macht der ETF-Fonds“, (2) “Wie Blackrock & Co Unternehmen beeinflussen” and by The Wall Street Journal (1) “Are Index Funds Eating the World?” and (2) “Meet the New Corporate Power Brokers: Passive Investors“. A short version of the paper has been published by TheConversation.com under the title “These three firms own corporate America” (over 79,000 readers by July 2017).








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